We are a natural dyeing company that produces products by taking advantage of natural dyeing,

and we are devoted to research and development to provide better products.

[ Iroum: coexist with nature ]

Convey the benefits of nature

Humans are born in nature and return to nature. Therefore, we hope to convey the benefit of nature to our valued customers.

[ Iroum: coexist with nature ]

Use pure nature

Although natural dyeing is a task that takes more time and effort, we are committed to using color of pure nature for our products. 

[ Iroum: coexist with nature ]
Clothing and fabric dyed with persimmon juice

Clothes and fabrics made of dyeing with persimmon juice are less discolored due to tannin, which is the main component.

[ Iroum: coexist with nature ]

Natural dyeing by the married couple

The husband, who majored in textiles, and the wife, who majored in Western painting, pursue co-prosperity between humans and nature to produce products. 

[ Iroum: coexist with nature ]
Provide unique value

We deliver our own unique value to our customers by creating products with natural colors and original patterns.

[ Iroum: coexist with nature ]

Our own manufacturing technique

We preserve the colors and benefits of nature by using vapor heat treatment and our own unique technique.