Human are nature,

and we paint with natural dyes from nature.

Iroum is a natural dyeing brand run by the husband who majored in textiles and the wife who majored in Western painting. We dye our products in a systematic and scientific way to improve the completeness of our products and even add artistic value to the products by drawing pictures.

Clothes dyed with natural ingredients become comfortable and stylish over time, so we decide to produce our products to provide our customers with these benefits. 

Since the consumers of products dyed with natural ingredients are mainly based on the middle-aged, existing companies focus on selling clothes, bedding, and props. However, we concentrate on product differentiation and diversification by producing a wide range of products that can be used by various age groups, such as pet products. 

We are constantly working on research and development to make products that take advantage of natural dyes, such as medical supplies. We promise to introduce our products with better materials and excellent quality. 


Thank you.